Why We Study Law

The old adage goes that without laws there would be chaos? Why do we study law? The answer is very complex. A law is a written document which states that something is illegal and so committing the offense gives someone a consequence. For example, if someone commits murder and ends someone’s life then they might face the death penalty or receive a prison sentence.

Studying Law Is Vital to Evolving As a World

lawyerThe world is an ever changing place so as new trends take place, laws need to change as well. A decade ago, there were no cyber crime laws now there are many laws and statutes regarding this type of law. Experts had to study the types of offenses that were being committed to craft laws to deter them from actions such as cyber stalking, child pornography, and identity theft.

Civil Rights Has Changed the Landscape

The topic of gay marriage and basic civil rights has impacted laws in every state. Members of the legal community study the law and examine case precedents so that they can use them to create new laws. For example, Proposition 8 in the state of California has been debated on both sides of the issue regarding whether or not gay men and women should have the right to marry. The referendum is now before the Supreme Court and they will make a decision as to whether or not the measure is constitutional.

Studying Law Can Change the World

Years ago, there were laws that banned inner racial couples from marrying, allowed segregation to occur, banned women form getting equal pay for equal work and allowed people to own others as slaves. Laws change the world because without them many more people would not have any basic civil rights. People study the current laws and see how they can be expanded to help fix a problem.

Why People Attend Law School

Every year millions of students apply to law school. They do this because they want to learn about different types of law so that they can become lawyers and work on those cases. For example, someone who specializes in family law will probably work with parents who are trying to adopt, dealing with child custody and support issues, or trying to establish guardianship.

Studying the law gives lawyers the ability to help others defend themselves in court, file lawsuits and handle court proceedings. Examining statutes and legal precedents allow lawyers to continue learning about law for their entire careers.